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Looking for Inspiration? Check out our Boards.....

2nd June 2015, 14:00pm

The Marketing Team here at GS have been busy building up the business’ Social Media presence - starting with Twitter and Pinterest, with Instagram and Flickr profiles coming soon.

On Pinterest, we’ve set up a few boards to showcase some of our recent installations, as well as providing a platform to launch some of our new products. Work will continue over the coming months to grow our boards, and will also be used to provide some insight from our in-house design team into their inspiration, industry trends and the creative process.

We’ve created our profiles to provide new ways to engage with our customers, and to more effectively communicate everything that’s happening at HQ. We hope that with the use of these Social Media platforms we can keep in contact with our existing customers as well as attract, retain and engage with new customers.

To join the conversation and follow us on Twitter head to https://twitter.com/GodfreySyrett, and to take a look at our Pinterest boards just go to https://uk.pinterest.com/godfreysyrett/