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Godfrey Syrett's New 'Smooth Aluminium' Takes Gold

23rd September 2014, 16:44pm

We are pleased to launch our new Smooth Aluminium paint finish - an exciting new addition to our range of standard finishes.
As the name suggests, Smooth Aluminium is metallic silver in appearance with a durable non-textured, semi-gloss surface.
When Smooth Aluminium is specified on frame components, the product effectively becomes a blank canvas on which to add colour - fabric and wood finish choices widen, as literally anything goes!  Silver finishes are used widely on many other products from screens to waste paper baskets. Smooth Aluminium will allow us to provide a better match with these products.
Genoa, Kirk and Alto tables, together with Stream and Link chairs, are just a small example of products that will be greatly enhanced when specified in Smooth Aluminium.  Architects and specifiers will appreciate the contemporary finish, and versatility of this striking colour.
But best of all, Smooth Aluminium can be specified without additional cost, as one of our standard paint finish options.

For further information, please contact your local Area Sales Manager or email us as sales@godfreysyrett.co.uk.