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DNA – The A-Z of Godfrey Syrett

22nd January 2015, 16:21pm

Following an internal preview in December, it’s with great pleasure that we can now officially launch our new Company Profile; DNA – The A-Z of Godfrey Syrett.
Based around the idea that we are unique as a business, the document takes the form of an A-Z – with each letter representing a selling point, an area of expertise or an important company value.  The document is designed to differentiate us from the competition, and is deliberately unconventional - and we hope more memorable than a standard ‘Company Profile’. It also forms a key part of a wider ongoing strategy to continue the modernisation of our brand image.
From Quality to Relationships, and Logistics to Experience, the DNA document is our story so far - our unique blueprint. We think it explains why we really are different.
To pre-order your printed copy of DNA, please email Dawn Peters at dawn.peters@godfreysyrett.co.uk, or click here to download the PDF version.