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On The Move with LUPC

2nd December 2014, 9:28am

The LUPC have now moved into their new home at 179 Tottenham Court Road, in London.
Established in 1968, LUPC is a not-for-profit professional buying organisation owned by its Members, for its Members. LUPC’s membership is made up of universities and colleges of higher education in and around the capital.  However, around half of LUPC’s membership is also drawn from other not-for-profit organisations from our neighbouring sectors in the arts, sciences and education.
The LUPC decided to utilise the Framework agreements they support to complete the task of moving offices, this included new furniture provision, IT Solutions, AV and Media and cleaning solutions to name a few.
Following a competitive tender process LUPC chose to Partner Godfrey Syrett to provide furniture for their new offices.  Godfrey Syrett provided advise on furniture ranges, fabrics and finishes as well as providing space plans and layout drawings to help the LUPC team visualise the layout suggestions for their new offices.  These layouts were amended as new ideas and concepts were explored, these services were all provided free of charge by our mobile space planning team.
Darran Whatley; Senior Contracts Manager provided the following comments on his experience working with Godfrey Syrett:
“After our evaluation we found the response and offer provided by Godfrey Syrett was the best and therefore awarded the contract to them. We found Godfrey Syrett particularly strong in the technical merit (design and solution) and price criterion.
Post contract award we found them exceedingly helpful in ensuring our contract was supplied and installed on time - only 3 weeks from the order date!
Since that initial Contract has been completed, we have had further requirements and Godfrey Syrett have applied the same terms and quick response, for these additional requirements.
Overall, 5 months on from the original delivery and installation, we have found Godfrey Syrett have provided good quality furniture, efficient installation service, speedy delivery, excellent design and, above all, a dedicated account manager who ensured our requirements were met – even after the initial contract was completed.  (We have had further requirements and Godfrey Syrett have applied the same terms and quick response, for these additional items.)
We would recommend Godfrey Syrett and Maxine Turney, our account manager, to other prospective buyers AND as we are very proud of our new premises we have offered them as a reference site.
We wanted funky, bright and functional – and, of course, within budget - and that’s what we got from Godfrey Syrett.