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Case Studies

University Of Southampton, Boldrewood Campus


The University of Southampton, Boldrewood Campus is an engineering centre of Excellence at the heart of the Solent Maritime Cluster. 

The university will offer world-class research, education, international business experience and expert knowledge to be a place where innovative engineering practice and design will be undertaken. It will educate the future generations of maritime professionals as well as developing and training today’s maritime professionals. 

The Maritime Centre of Excellence, will drive innovation through its use of stimulating technology, knowledge transfer, and regeneration through high quality jobs and inward investment. 

It will be key to establishing Southampton as a Knowledge City Region in the Urban South Hampshire Growth Diamond. It will serve as an imaginative response to national, regional and local government policy (Universities developing the UK’s knowlege economy and contributing to local and national prosperity, which in turn offers an opportunity to create an integrated knowledge-based community.) 

‚ÄčThe new academic activities will be housed on site in buildings more appropriate for a modern university and in keeping with the location.


The furniture brief was to create a modern working environment using a basic principle of clean lines and blended colours. We achieved this with mix of singular and bench desks to minimise the frame work visible along with light colour for the bulk of the furniture, creating an open spacious environment but at the same time maximising the working space available. Our many years of work with the University enabled us to offer a wide range of products to suit the needs of the end users as well matching the design brief. A mixture of traditional wooden products with more modern metal and mesh options provide the users with effective storage solutions as well modern and comfortable seating.