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Case Studies

Sheffield Hallam University

In 2005 HEFCE named Sheffield Hallam University a national Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) in Embedding, Enhancing and Integrating Employability (e3i).
Over the past five years of funding, Sheffield Hallam University have made a significant impact and change in terms of employability provision for courses at the University.
The main aim of the Employability Centre is to make students more employable, and to help them make well-informed decisions about your future. That way, Sheffield Hallam University students will have the best chance of securing the job they really want when they graduate.
Sheffield Hallam University wanted to create an inspiring area for students to learn in.

Godfrey Syrett chose mobile tables and chairs to give flexibility and allow staff and students to quickly adapt their work spaces. The bright fabric choices used on the seating paired with white tables gives a real modern eye catching feel to the area.