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Business Ethics and Standards

This policy outlines our Business Ethics & Standards for suppliers/contractors/service providers. 

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear rules and guidelines to the Company and its workers on the standards expected of the Supplier to the Company. It is applicable to all suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, partners, agents, distributors and consultants (referred to in these guidelines as Suppliers). 

1.      Godfrey Syrett believes in doing business with suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, partners, agents, distributors and consultants (referred to in these guidelines as (Suppliers) who respect high standards of ethical business behaviour.
1.1.   These Ethics of Business have been established to define Godfrey Syretts’ minimum requirements of its Suppliers.
1.2.   Failure to observe these Ethics of Business will result in Godfrey Syrett ceasing to do business with such Supplier.
2.      Product Quality and Safety
2.1.   Godfrey Syrett has a fundamental responsibility to ensure that its products respect the highest standards in terms of safety and quality.
2.2.   Suppliers undertake to provide services/products that meet or exceed all legal and all agreed upon quality and safety standards. Any threats to product safety must be immediately reported to a member of the procurement team at Godfrey Syrett.
3.      Employment Practices
3.1.   Treating employees with dignity and respect is a strong commitment of Godfrey Syrett. We believe in doing business with Suppliers who share this commitment and we require Suppliers to comply with all applicable employment laws and to support fundamental human rights for all.
3.2.   Health and safety - Suppliers will operate a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. Where applicable, this also applies to housing and eating facilities.

3.3.   Child labour - Suppliers will not employ individuals in violation of the local mandatory school age, or under the legal employment age in each country where they operate. Moreover, in no case Suppliers will employ workers under the age of 17.
3.4.   Compensation - Suppliers will, at minimum, comply with applicable wage and hours laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages.
3.5.   Discrimination - Suppliers will not discriminate based on personal characteristics or beliefs and are expected to provide equal opportunities to all.
3.6.   Forced labour - Suppliers will not use forced or involuntary labour, whether bonded or indentured.
3.7.   Freedom of association and collective bargaining - Suppliers will respect the right of employees to exercise their lawful rights of free association. Similarly, Suppliers will recognise the lawful rights of their employees to choose or not to choose collective bargaining representation.
3.8.   Workplace harassment or abuse - Suppliers will not subject employees to physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological harassment, nor use corporal or physical punishment to discipline employees.
3.9.   Working hours - Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours
4.      Environment
4.1.   Protecting the quality of the environment and developing sound environmental management practices is key for Godfrey Syrett.
4.2.   Suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Any non-compliant practice must be promptly corrected.
4.3.   Godfrey Syrett will favour Suppliers actively seeking to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of their operations.

5.      Sustainability
5.1.   Godfrey Syrett realises that managing and improving socio-economic and environmental conditions in our supply chain is a challenging process requiring the efforts of our employees, our suppliers and other stakeholders. To drive continuous improvement in our supply chain we will:
5.1.1.     Work collaboratively with suppliers to improve sustainability impacts where appropriate
5.1.2.      Strive for continuous improvement for both our suppliers and ourselves
5.1.3.      Acknowledge specific national, regional, legal, socio-economic and cultural challenges that exist
5.1.4.      Protect the confidentiality of information entrusted to us
5.1.5.      Recognise the supplier’s own standards where they are working towards sustainability commitments comparable to those stipulated in our policy
5.1.6.    Not require suppliers to realise sustainability standards more demanding than ours
5.1.7.      Ensure that all relevant employees are aware of the Sustainable Procurement Policy
5.1.8.      Act as an advocate for sustainability within our industry sector, recognising that as market leaders we have a responsibility to do so
5.1.9.      Cease trading with suppliers demonstrating persistent disregard for important elements of our policy, following attempts by Godfrey Syrett to work collaboratively with them on improvement
5.1.10.      Suppliers are expected to communicate the requirements of this policy to all employees, suppliers, sub-contractors, home workers, and temporary and contract staff engaged in their supply chain
5.1.11.      Suppliers shall comply with all applicable national laws in the countries in which they operate
5.1.12.      Suppliers shall train relevant staff on sustainability principles
5.1.13.      Suppliers shall allow Godfrey Syrett representatives access to documentation, management and workers to determine progress against social and environmental commitments, if deemed necessary
5.1.14.      Suppliers shall report any serious breaches of the policy to the Godfrey Syrett Purchasing Manager or other such nominated representatives
6.      Conflicts of Interest
6.1.   Godfrey Syrett expects business decisions to be made in the best interest of the company. Any situation that creates or may create a conflict between personal and Godfrey Syrett interests must be avoided. Suppliers are expected to disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest to Godfrey Syrett.
7.      Anti-corruption/Anti Bribery
7.1.   Godfrey Syrett strictly abide by all local laws and applicable European Union laws and requires Suppliers to act in a similar way.
7.2.   Suppliers may not pay bribes or engage in corrupt practices to advance Godfrey Syretts’ business interests. This include, directly or indirectly, offering, promising to pay or authorising the payment of money or anything of value to any third party for influencing the acts or decisions of local officials.
8.      Gifts, Favours and Entertainment
8.1.   Gifts, favours and entertainment are not needed to do business with Godfrey Syrett, and may lead, or appear to lead, to a conflict of interest.
8.2.   No gift, favours or preferred treatment should be provided or accepted if it will obligate or appear to obligate the recipients
8.3.   Gifts or entertainment may be provided if they are reasonable complements to business relationships, of modest value, and in any event, not against the rules of Godfrey Syretts’ current Bribery Policy.
8.4.   The following situations are strictly prohibited:
8.4.1.    Godfrey Syrett employees requesting or soliciting personal gifts, favours, entertainment or services
8.4.2.      Godfrey Syrett employees exploiting their position to solicit preferential treatment in pricing, terms or loans from Godfrey Syrett Suppliers
8.4.3.      Bribes or kickbacks
8.4.4.      Cash or cash equivalents
8.4.5.      Lavish or excessive gifts and entertainments
8.4.6.     Entertainment at clubs or organisations that discriminate based on race, colour,   gender, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation
8.4.7.      Entertainment at sexually oriented establishments
8.4.8.      Entertainment that places the Godfrey Syrett employee at a risk of physical harm.
9.      Confidential Information
9.1.   Suppliers will safeguard Godfrey Syretts’ confidential information by keeping it secure, limiting access to those who have a need to know to enable them to do their job, and avoiding discussion of confidential information in public areas (planes, trains, elevators, restaurants etc.), either directly or on mobile phones.
9.2.   Confidential information includes facts, data and knowledge that are not generally disclosed such as trade secrets, financial figures, new products and marketing plans, research and development ideas, manufacturing processes, personnel information and information about potential investment, divestures and acquisitions.
9.3.   The obligation to preserve Godfrey Syretts’ confidential information is ongoing, even after the business relationship ends.
9.4.   Godfrey Syrett will safeguard Suppliers’ confidential information.
10.  Fair Competition and Anti-trust
10.1.     Godfrey Syrett believes in free and open competition, and fully complies with the European Union and other International competition laws. Suppliers are requested to comply with all applicable local and international regulations regarding fair competition and antitrust.
11.  Accuracy of Business Records
11.1.       Suppliers must record and report information accurately, honestly, in a timely manner and must not hide, fail to record or make false entries into financial books.
12.  General Legal requirements
12.1.       Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws and regulations to which they are subject.
13.  Communication
13.1.       Suppliers will take appropriate steps to ensure that these Standards are communicated to their employees and their own supply chain. Suppliers will use their best efforts to ensure their own suppliers adhere to these Standards as well.
14.  Monitoring and Compliance
14.1. Suppliers will notify Godfrey Syrett immediately if they become aware of any non- compliance of their company or of any of their suppliers with these Standards, and will take immediate actions that are necessary to remedy any non-compliance.
14.2. Godfrey Syrett reserves the right to engage in various monitoring activities to confirm compliance with these Standards.
Report any matters of concern to Paul Miller - Procurement Manager
Email: paul.miller@godfreysyrett.co.uk
Mobile:  +44 (0)7557 972189    
Telephone: +44 (0)191 594 6185

March 2017 (Revision A)